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3 State Pension Plans Bare All on Funding Messes

10-Year Equity Rally Isn’t Enough to Raise Public Plans’ Funded Status

CIOs Debate Passive vs Active, What Worries Them

Finding Opportunity in Real Estate

How a Utah Pension Plan Invests in Farmland

How Susan Oh Is Raising Diversity Awareness for Female Investors

Mass PRIM CIO, Cliff Asness Talk Career Lessons at Pension Bridge

MassPRIM CIO Says Plan is Looking to Move More Assets In-House

New Hawaii CIO Speaks on Hedge Funds

Salient CEO Expects More Midstream Buyouts

Bill Coaker Is Looking Forward to the Future of AI

Stonepeak Sees Renewables Opportunity in Japan Korea and Taiwan


Are Private Credit Funds Ready for Battle?

Alaska Permanent Bets on Emerging Markets - ai-CIO

CalSTRS Building 8 Billion Hedgehog Infra Portfolio - Inframation News

CalSTRS Stepping Up Diversity Push – Fundmap

CIOs Bullish on Emerging Markets – Fundmap

Gender Gap - Asset Owners Pressing Money Managers for their Diversity Data - P&I

Governance Structure Paramount in Investment Success – Fundmap

Investors put a Manufacturers Lens Over Energy as Market Matures - Inframation News

NYC Hedge Fund Chief Expresses Preference for Small Niche Funds – Fundmap

Texas Teachers Considering Lowering Rate of Return; Pension Funds Discuss Compensation - P&I

Texas Teachers Is Moving Expansion Plan Forward - ai-CIO

Texas, Idaho Systems Consider Lowering Return Assumptions - ai-CIO

Wisc. Pension Touts Internal Mgmt for Performance Cost Savings - Fundfire


Add-backs: ‘Some are Real, Some are Fictitious’

Coslet: TPG Caps Capital-Call Lines at Nine Months

Fund Facilities: To Cap Duration or Not?

Pension Bridge: LPs, GPs Wary as PE Market Nears, Breaks Records

Pensions Prepare for the Worst as PE Hits New Highs

Private Credit Grows Riskier as Leverage, Assets Climb

Uncertain Times for Private Equity Investors

Unleashing the Distressed ‘War Chest’

The Benefits of the Canadian Model to Headline the Best Practices in Pension Fund Management at the 2017 Pension Bridge Annual Conference, (Press Release)

Pensions' Staffing Troubles Challenge Internal Mgmt Push

Asset owners describe steps to increase control, independence

Pensions Grapple With Risk Mgmt Systems' Shortcomings

Video: Steven Foresti, CIO at Wilshire Consulting on Risk Parity:


Video: Alex Bernhardt, Head of Responsible Investment U.S at Mercer on ESG:


Private Equity Managers Regain the Upper Hand
PE Consultants Turn Quipsters
Pension Fund Leaders Condemn Political Attacks on DB Plans
Low-Return Environment has CIOs Thinking Differently
Pension Fund CIOs See Diminished Hope in Achieving Assumed Rate of Return
Return-Starved CIOs Hammer Managers on Fees
Influential CIOs and Executive Directors to Speak about Various Market Landscapes and the State of the Pension Fund Industry
David Rubenstein – Sovereign Wealth Funds to Become Largest PE Allocator – P&I
LPs Face Allocation Pressures in Fundraising Surge – PE Hub
Pension Bridge Conference – Ambitions in Mezz – Private Debt Investor
Pension Bridge Conference – LPs Need to Demand Transparency – Private Debt Investor
Pension Bridge Conference – Private Equity Managers Stay Firm on 20% Carried Interest – P&I




Risk Takes Center Stage at Pension Bridge Conference
De-Risking Pensions Swarm to Low Vol Strategies


Video: Andrew Junkin: Managers Can Fall Short on Risk Analysis


Video: Andy Iseri: Institutions Seek Active Management, Hedging in Dollar Jump


Get Ready for Underperformance, Private Equity Consultant Says
Bad Headlines Shred PE’s Reputation with Public Pensions
Pension Bridge: Are Pension Funds Too High Maintenance?
Managers Turn to Niche Areas As They Wait for a Downturn
LPs More Accepting of Restructurings
Pension Bridge: SEC Not Just Concerned with PE Management Fees
Pension Bridge: Investors Keen on PE Co-Investments
PE Secondary Market Attractive to Buyers, Sellers
Secondaries Firms See Another Strong Year for Deal Volume
US Pension Plans Urged to Band Together
US Snapshot – LPs Still Sweet on Private Equity
The View From Chicago



Influential Chief Investment Officers Paul Ballard, Jon Braeutigam, Rodney June, David Kushner and John Skjervem Grab Attention at The 2014 Pension Bridge Annual
Consultants Tell Managers to Stay Aware of Investor Goals
Pension CIOs: Guarding For Next Crisis a Tough Task

Video: Eugene Podkaminer of Callan Associates on Smart Beta

Video: Dick Charlton of NEPC on Misconceptions of Strategies and Strategies that will Drive Asset Allocations

CalPERS: Managers Who Ignore ESG Will Lose
2 Pension Funds Focusing on Smaller Private Equity Funds
Texas Employees Not Ruling Out Private Equity Fund of Funds
Family Matters: PE Firms In Asia Must Walk A Careful Line With Owners
Firms Say New SEC Scrutiny May Further Complicate Co-Investments
Private Equity Fans Prepare for Leaner Times



Low Interest Rates Pushing Investors To Credit, Global Markets
Lending, CLOs Offer Opportunities For Core Bond Relief
Non-Core Real Estate Draws Interest
Consultants Urge Institutions to Boost Risk Management
‘Go Big’ in Alternatives, Conference Attendees Urged



Peter Schiff, Farouki Majeed and Dick Charlton to Headline The 2012 Pension Bridge Annual Speaker Faculty
Emerging Markets: Time To Start Looking Around?

Structured Products Go From Toxic To Trendy
Advocates Hype VC, Battle Skeptics



Influential Pension Fund Consultants Ronald Peyton, Allan Emkin, Richard Charlton and Stephen Cummings to Discuss Unfunded Pension Liabilities
Macro Experts Tackle Strategy, Each Other
CIOs Dish On Discount Rates

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