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Sponsorship Info

All Pension Bridge Conferences will have better than a 1:1 Ratio of Pension Fund/Consultant to Manager firm.


We allow for only 100 investment manager firms at The Pension Bridge Annual and 75 GP/Manager firms for The Private Equity Exclusive.  This provides the industry’s only controlled attendance structured events along with the most favorable ratio.

For money managers and service providers, we offer innovative sponsorship options at rates lower than other events of this magnitude. We will cater a sponsorship package to your exact needs! Registration cannot be completed online. All registrations and sponsorships are handled via an e-mail invoice that we issue.

To register or obtain information on registration and sponsorship pricing, please contact:

  • Phone: 561-455-2729
  • Fax: 561-258-8258
  • E–Mail:
  • Address:

    4504 S. Ocean Blvd

    Highland Beach, FL 33487

You will receive a complimentary registration to an educational conference and networking event if you are associated with one of the following categories:

  • Public Fund
  • Corporate Fund
  • Union/Taft Hartley Fund
  • Endowment
  • Foundation
  • Family Office
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund
  • Pension Consultant, (Non-Discretionary)

The Pension Bridge will cap the attendance for each event in order to provide the best possible environment to connect with your targeted audience. We are striving to create a more personalized experience. Let us know how we can assist you in building a financial relationship.

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